Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Summer Sketches

I was looking through my sketchbooks a few days ago and came across these sketches I had done during the last month and a bit of this past summer. Looking back, I must have had some sort of Batman (or more accurately Catwoman) overload!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Inbetween Models (Not as dirty as it sounds)

When the model takes a break I like to draw random things on my newsprint pads like Pokemon, or in this case some cool-lookin' dude. I really, really like this guys face-but who is he? What stories lay deep in his furrowed brow? Only time may tell.

Life Drawing...Wait, What?

1 min                                                                                                        30 sec.

           3 min                                                                                                      1 min

        5 min                                                                                                                  30 sec    

                   1 min                                                                                              5 min
That's right, I actually attend and create life drawings - this new information may shock you into incoherence but there it is for you to absorb. This post is something new for me as I have never had the confidence to post life drawings in a public place such as this-where anyone can come and see them. I want to start going to Extra Life Drawing this year to get better because while I am proud of these drawings I know that there are many, many areas where I can improve. I also bought a pack of 10 (12?) Nupastel today so I want to start experimenting with them as soon as possible. 

The guy at the bookstore charged me an extra 20 something dollars for the pastels, but we got it all sorted out. Still, 20 freakin' dollars, man? C'mon.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Summer Randoms

I know what you're thinking, "Summer is, like, a long time you know? Why only two drawings, dawg?" To which I would reply, the rest are in my sketchbooks ( I will post these eventually) so for now you must bask purely in my digital works :)

Anthropomorphism Assignment

This was one of my favourite Character Design Assignments last year, we had to create two anthro characters (one a mammal and the other a bird) and include character rotations and three poses (poses for bird character coming soon, hopefully!)

"The Spangled Pandemonium"

'Spangled Pandemonium" was one of our Storyboard assignments in 2nd year, for this particular assignment we had to use an existing poem with the same name to form the ideas for our boards.

2nd Year 3D Modelling Junk

In 3D Modelling class we made loads of things like hats, snowmen, fruit bowls, vases, sets and original characters. The three panel story above of the drinking snowman was my favourite though, as the last panel is just so damn depressing and hilarious to me.